Most dealers in today's construction supply industry are enjoying a booming market while facing issues such as consolidation, big box pressure, and the ever-present fear of a housing bubble. But for some companies in the industry, the present is one more notch in a long timeline of ups and downs, challenges and rewards. This year, we unveil our annual showcase of members of the “Century Club,” businesses with 100 years or more under their belt, by shining the spotlight on five dealers that have reached the milestone recently or long ago and that have developed business strategies that have kept them profitable and prosperous through the decades: United Building Centers, Builders Supply Co. of Petersburg, Ganahl Lumber, The Wolf Organization, and Dunn Lumber. The success of these five dealers can be attributed to any number of traits, but like much of the industry, people, culture, and a willingness to change are often what have kept these time-tested companies not only carrying on for years—but doing so as strong contributors to the communities and customers they serve and to the industry as a whole.