ProBuild reorganized itself into three groups focusing on metropolitan, smaller local, and specialty markets while dissolving its six regional divisions and consolidating shared services into its Denver headquarters, a spokesperson from the LBM giant confirmed today.

Three of the six regional presidents will move into new positions, while the other three will remain in roles to be determined, the company said. Transition teams are being set up now.

The metropolitan group will be led by Frank Garcia, until now president of ProBuild's South Central region. These are the facilities in more populated areas that tend to have multiple ProBuild locations offering specialized services such as millwork.

Ed Waite, until now president of the company's Northwest region, will lead the local store initiative. He will oversee ProBuild's facilities that are in areas with less than 50,000 in population. These facilities tend to have a stronger retail focus and more diverse customers and products than the metro-region stores.

Joseph Todd, who led ProBuild's Northeast region and is president of gypsum operations, will head the specialty distribution group, which includes those ProBuild facilities that focus on products such as gypsum and roofing.

With the reorganization ProBuild will eliminate its regional headquarters and move most of those offices' duties to Denver. ProBuild already has set up "shared services" departments at its headquarters for common tasks such as marketing, human resources and information technology.

It was not immediately clear how purchasing decisions would change as a result of the reorganization.

This is the second time in a little over two years that the company reorganized itself. In April 2009 it splintered its four regional operations into six, with a "shared services" model that controlled decision making. Then COO Bill Myrick, who is currently the company's CEO, said ProBuild's decision to do so was to meet customer demand and allow the company's branches to operate on a more local level and become closer with customers.

ProBuild is ranked No. 2 on this year's ProSales 100 listing with roughly 450 locations throughout the country and $3.05 billion in sales in 2010.