The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association Thursday announced its partnership with non-profit Helping a Hero to supply free or discounted building materials and installation services to wounded military veterans transitioning out of medical care facilities whose conditions require them to renovate their home or build a new one.

The Houston-based non-profit works with veterans and their families to improve the accessibility of existing homes or build accessible homes in planned communities while establishing longer-term partnerships with area organizations. Veterans who qualify for a new home agree to stay in the home for 10 years while taking on a $50,000 mortgage.

Through the association's "Dealers Helping Heroes" program, NLBMDA president Michael O'Brien told ProSales, Helping a Hero would provide state and regional building-material supplier organizations with a list of wounded veterans and their locations. Interested dealer members would then "adopt" an individual and work with the non-profit to determine the scope of the project, find contractors, and secure materials. "Often the veterans don't know where to start," O'Brien said. "This is our effort to have someone on the ground in the area where they are relocating to facilitate the process." O'Brien said the NLBMDA is not funding the non-profit and that its dealer-members aren't required to participate. 

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