Vote: Election Day, November 2, is just weeks away! Now is the time to get informed about your choices and take action to protect the lumber and building material industry. While voter registration deadlines have passed in most states, it is not too late to request an absentee ballot or vote early, if you think you might not make it to the polls on Election Day.

It is also not too late to remind your employees of where your company stands on the issues, like tax cuts and health care reform, that affect your business and their jobs. Just go to NLBMDA's Voter Toolkit,and click on the “Vote for Business” button to view your representative's and senators' voting records on our industry's key issues. The Voter Toolkit also provides all the information you need about absentee and early voting. NLBMDA has sample paycheck stuffers you can use to educate your employees about the importance of voting this November. For more information, e-mail[email protected].