Kodiak Building Partners announced the retirement of company vice president of communication and culture Cally Fromme. Fromme served in the VP of communication and culture role since 2015 and previously served as the president and CEO of Zarsky Lumber for three years.

In the role of vice president of communication and culture, Fromme played a role in driving initiatives throughout the Kodiak organization, including both internal communications and public relations.

“We at Kodiak have been fortunate to have Cally be a part of our team since Zarsky joined us in 2015. She has held leadership roles across a broad range of both Zarsky and Kodiak’s operations throughout her career, as well as being a tireless advocate legislatively for our industry through her work with NLBMDA and LAT - from president and CEO of Zarsky to vice president of communication and culture at Kodiak,” Kodiak Building Partners CEO Steve Swinney said. “Cally’s work ethic, devotion to the industry, and people-focused approach have been exemplary at Kodiak. I want to thank Cally for all she’s done for the development and progress of Kodiak.”

During her career, Fromme served as the first woman chair of both the Lumbermens Association of Texas and Louisiana and National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association. In addition to leading these associations, Fromme also served as a member of the executive council on Construction Supply of North American Retail Hardware Association. Currently, Fromme serves as the chair of the Victoria 100 CLub and a board member at Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company.

“It has been a great pleasure to meet and work with lumber dealers across the country who are all terrific people—smart, creative, salt of the earth, hardworking, resilient, and genuine people,” Fromme said. “Being acquired by Kodiak was a wonderful decision for Zarsky Lumber, its employees, its future success, and my own career path. I’ve never regretted the move, and I have continually been impressed by Kodiak and admired its leaders and the integrity that runs deep.”