Green, high-tech, innovative, and convenient–in the minds of the ProSales staff, these qualities are part of the products that made Editor's Choice. Not only did we go through previous ProSales coverage to find our picks, but we looked at products that were featured in our sister magazines or that couldn't fit into previous issues. Then, we sat down to a vote and decided what would make the cut.

From a pencil with innovative features that got rave reviews to a solar panel system that comes in a convenient package, the chosen products represent not only what we hope will be great sells or useful for a lumberyard, but also where we see the product spectrum heading for 2008.

While innovation and convenience remain timeless qualities that let products rise above an abundance of competitors, green and high-tech choices are paving the way for the future. Expect to see more tools with LEDs and better batteries and a continuous rise in green selections.

Whether it's in what they do, such as prevent air leaks in a home, or what they are, such as low VOCs or recycled, a variety of products not only can help the environment but add to the value of homes.

In this crunch time for building professionals, products could be one more thing that separates your lumberyard from the next. As you peruse this issue's picks, we hope you imagine how the products can help your business, or that you think about areas you could explore to expand the scope of your operation in 2008 and beyond.