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From file "036_pss" entitled "PSBRFS09.qxd" page 01

The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association's (NLBMDA) Direct Dealer campaign is underway and gaining momentum. Dealers of all sizes from across the nation are joining together to increase their support of their national trade association. Through direct membership, NLBMDA will further its efforts on your behalf.

NLBMDA has an exciting agenda set for 2006, including:

—introducing product liability reform legislation

—advocating for your interests on softwood lumber and transportation issues

—being your voice with regulatory agencies such as OSHA and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA)

—creating new employee training programs beginning with Delivery and Fleet Safety

—hosting the industry's premier conferences.

NLBMDA is the only national association representing lumber and building material dealers, and Direct Dealer support is vital to the work NLBMDA does each day on behalf of the industry. Becoming a Direct Dealer member signifies that you support NLBMDA's current work and future plans to enrich the industry.

Why You Should Support NLBMDA:

  • NLBMDA is working to limit dealers' liability through legislation and dealer-friendly contracts.
  • NLBMDA is working toward lumber market predictability and stability by representing your interests on softwood and transportation.
  • NLBMDA is serving as your primary resource for industry-specific OSHA and FMCSA information.
  • NLBMDA is training your current and future employees to work quicker, smarter, and safer.
  • NLBMDA is providing opportunities to meet your peers, exchange ideas and build lasting relationships within the industry.
  • Be a Direct Dealer Founding Member Dealers joining before Sept. 23, 2005, will have the distinction of being called a Direct Dealer Founding Member. Founding Members will be recognized for their leadership role in strengthening the national association at the NLBMDA/ProSales Industry Summit, Sept. 29–Oct. 1 in Vancouver, British Columbia. They will also be honored on a plaque in our new headquarters' conference room, on our Web site, and in other printed materials.