In today's media landscape it is increasingly difficult to reach target audiences with a captivating and memorable message. As more people turn to new media outlets in addition to traditional ones, getting your advertising in front of qualified prospects needs an integrated approach.

In our last advertising article we provided ideas to empower your print advertising. In order to effectively market your business in the new media landscape, it is key to include online opportunities. With today's Internet users' habits in mind, we've highlighted five online opportunities to help you make meaningful connections with members of your target audiences.

The Rise of Digital Magazines

With major publications supplementing print editions with digital magazines, a new opportunity rises. A digital edition (click here to see the digital edition of ProSales) is not the magazine's website. Instead, it is an online representation of the magazine with virtual pages to 'flip' through. A Zinio research study reported that 85% of respondents benefit from being able to click ads in digital publications. With just a click, prospects will be directed to your website, generating instant and measurable results.

A Tale of Two Online Goals

Want a surefire way to boost business? Advertise on a popular website that is relevant to your industry and also reaches your target audiences in big numbers. However, solidify the goals of your online campaigns. If you want to significantly increase website traffic, consider the use of a special offer and a unique and inspiring call to action.

Another important online goal is to connect with your customers though interactive engagement. There is a multitude of ways your ads can engage web users. From user generated activities to interactions with content, engagement goals encourage prospects to spend time with your ad to form a deeper connection with your business. Consider ads users can rollover to expand, interactive flash ads and video ads to increase meaningful engagement online.

Get In Front of Faces with Facebook

There are 149 million active Facebook users in the United States and 70% log in once a day. Facebook is a large reason why over 10% of all online ad dollars spent in 2010 went to social networks. With a large active audience, advertising on Facebook allows you to target your message to users with specific keywords in their profiles, like "carpenter", "contractor", "cabinet maker", etc.

Be an Inbox Superstar

Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers and prospects abreast of your company's latest news and happenings. The average email open rate for the home and building industry ranges from 5-8%. Email marketing that revolves around loyalty programs that offer deals, inside scoops and exclusive offerings stimulate action. According to Experian research, loyalty focused emails can increase open rates by 40%, click-through rates by 22% and transaction rates by 29%.

Mobile Advertising - Two is Better than One

According to Nielsen, well over a third of the U.S. mobile device owning audience is equipped with app-based, web enabled operating systems. Mobile advertising can give you an edge on local competition. Most mobile ad networks can target specific geographic areas allowing you to reach local and qualified prospects. Juniper Research projects 81 million tablets will be on the market by 2015.

Before However, smartphone owners and tablet pc owners view mobile advertising differently. Smartphone users prefer ads that offer coupons, deals or newsletters. Tablet pc owners prefer to see advertisements that utilize interactivity, video and 360-degree views.

For any online marketing strategy to be effective, we always recommend to research, refine, and measure your efforts. Unlike traditional print advertising and marketing, online marketing needs to be monitored and adjusted quickly to make the most of your efforts.

This information was compiled by a group of advertisers with Walt Denny Inc.