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As of March 23rd, eight New England and Mid-Atlantic states have designated lumber and building materials businesses as essential, according to the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA).

Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Massachusetts are the latest states to classify LBM operations as essential, joining Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, and New Jersey. Each state passed executive orders declaring LBM businesses as essential for the health and safety of the communities they serve and as essential for the maintenance of state infrastructure.

“The health and safety of the individuals in the LBM industry serves as NRLA’s top priority,” NRLA chair Lorraine Miner said in a news release. “With the executive orders passed by our various governors, and the tireless efforts of the NRLA in bringing the voices of its members together, the LBM industry can continue to protect the welfare of its communities during these challenging times.”

Seven of the states designated the entire LBM supply chain, including construction, as essential. Pennsylvania classified building materials dealers as essential, but did not grant wholesalers and manufacturers essential classifications.

The NRLA operates in 11 states and is continuing to advocate for the essential business status of the LBM industries in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.