Screen shot of a new banner ad as it appeared on our website
Screen shot of a new banner ad as it appeared on our website

Carter Lumber may be using the uncertainty surrounding the BFS/ProBuild deal to sell to pros.

In what appears to be a new ad campaign, the dealer tells builders and remodelers not to "let a couple of private equity firms waste your 2015."

The dealer also targeted some of its ads to professionals located in its various markets. For instance, this page is geared toward pros in Michigan.

Mark Ely, director of marketing at Carter Lumber, confirms the dealer is running different "build with stability" ads for national and regional audiences. "It's one of the many online ads we are running," says Ely. "We do what we can to geographically target online advertising."

Read the full text of the ad below:

As a professional builder, you know that the last few years have not been easy in this industry. However, the tide has shifted. So now that the housing market is finally picking back up, why would you let your building materials supplier jeopardize your future success? 

There is currently a great deal of uncertainty with a number of large LBM suppliers. Talks of sales, buyouts, and shutdowns have permeated our industry for months now, but it appears all of that may have finally come to a head. Unfortunately, for you as a customer, it will be many months before you know how these changes will affect your business.

Don't Gamble, Build with Stability

At Carter Lumber, we've been a family-owned company for over 80 years, so we know how important stability and certainty are for professional builders. If you've never heard of us, now is a great time to find out more about us. 

We have over 140 locations across 11 states and we focus on professional builders both large and small. We carry a wide range of building materials from framing and sheeting to millwork and kitchen cabinets. Additionally, we offer a number of services that set us apart from our competition.