ProSales is pleased to present "Baublitz Briefs," a series of articles from Baublitz Advertising of York, Pa., designed to provide LBM dealers and distributors with quick, easy-to-follow advice on improving your sales and marketing efforts. These features will be updated and augmented as needed. Here's what's in the briefing book now:

  • Market Research. Companies that spend even a small percentage of their budgets on research typically reap a huge benefit. They're able to develop a far more efficient marketing program--one that reaches the right audience in the right way with the right messages. More
  • Building a Brand.To understand what you want and need, first answer these three questions. More
  • Creating Ads That Work. Thoughtful strategy and design can elevate your brand, deepen the audience connection--and boost sales. More
  • Green Marketing. Without a strong marketing platform, dealers risk missing out on their share of the green market--and their share of the profits. More
  • Planning. Developing and executing an integrated plan is one of the most common marketing challenges for the building industry. But success demands that companies build a concrete framework for their marketing efforts. More
  • Launching Products. Even the most market-conscious supplier encounters pitfalls during the launch process. These missteps may result in sluggish sales that, if compounded, may give a product little hope of survival. Here's how to avoid trouble. More
  • Maximizing the Internet. Conversely, a company that executes a well-planned Web strategy gains some key competitive advantages: cost-effective marketing and prospecting, better customer service, and a stronger brand. More

About Baublitz Advertising. Baublitz Advertising is a full-service marketing firm that serves the building materials and construction industry. By maintaining a singular focus since its founding in 1976, Baublitz has developed a deep understanding of the industry's particular marketing challenges. Baublitz has gained a reputation for establishing strong brands for clients and for creating marketing programs linked to specific strategic goals and ROI benchmarks. For more, visit

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