84 Lumber opened a fully-automated truss plant in Mansfield, Ohio. According to the company, the plant is outfitted with the latest design software, computerized saws, and laser protection equipment and is now building trusses and servicing customers throughout the Columbus and Cleveland markets.

“The need for engineered and manufactured wood products is rapidly increasing in Ohio and across the country,” Ken Kucera, vice president of installed sales and manufacturing at 84 Lumber, said in a news release. “We’re excited to be fulfilling that need and following through with our growth plans in 2020, and we have big plans to continue expanding throughout the rest of the year.”

84 Lumber had four component plants in the United States in 2015; by the end of 2020, the dealer will have 10 such plants nationwide. The Mansfield, Ohio, truss plan represents 84 Lumber’s third component plant in its central division. Future truss plants are planned for Richmond, Va., central Florida, and a second plant in Charlotte, N.C. The dealer also recently opened a door and engineered wood products center in Greenville, S.C.

To support the company’s planned growth, 84 Lumber recently launched a hiring plan, with the goal of hiring more than 200 store and component plant positions by the end of 2020.

Eighty Four, Pa.-based 84 Lumber is moving forward with plans to open new stores in Stockton, Calif., Boise, Idaho, and Detroit, Mich. 84 Lumber was the fourth largest company on the 2020 ProSales 100. The dealer operates nearly 250 stores, component manufacturing plants, custom door shops, custom millwork shops, and engineered wood product centers in more than 30 states.