84 Lumber announced Andersen Windows & Doors as its 2023 Vendor of the Year. The dealer says the annual accolade is based on several factors, including sales growth and commitment to service.

“84 Lumber is happy to have selected Andersen Windows for this prestigious award,” 84 Lumber’s vice president of purchasing Mitch Wagner said in a news release. “Their unwavering support for us in all markets and our dedication to premium window sales has been rewarding for both companies.”

In sales, Andersen Windows & Doors increased 22% compared to the previous year with 84 Lumber. In 2021, 84 Lumber opened its first Andersen Windows & Doors showroom in Rockville, Md. The dealer has plans for another joint showroom in Pittsburgh in 2024.

“84 Lumber is a leader in the industry and Anderseen is honored to be recognized as their 2023 Vendor of the Year,” Jim Ozzello, Andersen’s key account manager for 84 Lumber, said. “We value our 60+ year relationship. Their customer-focused, innovative commitment to our products and services that include dedicated premium window and door specialists, focused market segment services, training, showrooms, and marketing has led to incredible sales growth over the past several years.”

Eighty Four, Pa.-based 84 Lumber supplies building materials and manufactured components. 84 Lumber operates more than 310 stores, components manufacturing plants, custom door shops, custom millwork shops, and engineered wood product centers in 35 states. The company also offers turnkey installation services for a variety of products, including framing, insulation, siding, windows, roofing, decking, and drywall.