84 Lumber rolled out today its new Tiny Living by 84 Lumber line of portable tiny homes. The pre-designed homes range from 150 to 200 square feet and each will be built on its own customized, tandem axle trailer so that homeowners will be able to travel with their house. These homes are more environmentally friendly and economic because they require fewer building materials and require less energy, 84 says.

So far, 84 has released one style of home, the Roving. The company will release three more plans later this year: the Degsy, the Shonsie, and the Evergreen. Each home has its own style and design styles range from cottage to rustic to modern.

84 offers three different plans for homeowners to get their own tiny homes. First is a completely build-your-own version which gives customers the blueprints, a list of materials, and the customized trailer to match the home model chosen. The second option is a semi-DIY model in which homeowners are outfitted with the tiny house placed on the trailer with windows, doors, and shower in place. They also receive blueprints and a materials list so that they can add their own finishes all over the home. The third option, and most expensive at nearly $50,000, is a fully built, customized tiny home that will be ready for travel as soon as it reaches the homeowner.

"The tiny home movement lies perfectly at the intersection of 84 Lumber's expertise in high-quality building materials and green building best practices," said Maggie Hardy Magerko, 84's president and owner. "With our national footprint and commitment to the dedicated do-it-yourselfer, we are uniquely positioned to become a part of this new path to homeownership, and are excited to offer Tiny Living on a national scale."

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