In an age where advertisements can appear in print, online, on television, on-air, on social networks and on mobile devices, golden opportunities to grow your business can get lost in a delirium of unending choices. Just like any project, advertising needs research, planning and top-notch execution. Here are 5 marketing tips from Walt Denny Inc. to strengthen your print advertising, compiled from over 22 years of experience with building product marketing.

Advertising in Code Did you know that magazine ads are the leading medium for prompting web searches across all age demographics? You've probably seen QR codes, those black and white squares with a random arrangement of tiny bar shapes, popping up in your favorite journals. With a quick scan of a QR code, which can be done on a smart phone with any number of free applications, additional information, such as your website, is delivered directly to reader. Attract a highly targeted audience to your online content by adding QR codes to your next print ad campaign.

Plays from the Print Playbook Research shows that newspaper and magazine ad messages with web addresses triple website traffic compared to ads without a web address. According to Affinity's VISTA Print Effectiveness Rating Service, actions inspired from magazine advertising have increased 10% over the past year.

Fascinate with Photos Think outside of the box when choosing photos for your advertising efforts. High quality photography can spring prospects into action. Snapshots of your business or lumber yard are not very engaging, but a photo of a project you have contributed to can make you stand above the rest and spotlight the positive impact your business has on customers' projects or your community. Use your photos to tell a story prospects can relate to.

Words that Inspire Action What good is an advertisement if it doesn't inspire your prospects and target audience to action? Even with the best photography and captivating design, a strong call to action is an essential element needed for success. Always use active words like "call", "buy" or "subscribe" to clearly identify what you want prospects to do. To create a sense of urgency consider including phrases like "for a short time only", "call now for a free gift" or "while supplies last."

Cooperative Collateral If you were to put all of the brochures, catalogs and flyers you've used to promote your business on a table, could you tell they all promote the same company or business? Always display your company's logo in a prominent position. Use a consistent voice in your marketing copy that best represents your business' core values to increase brand awareness. A consistent look and feel will synergize your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Before initiating any marketing piece or initiative, it's important to understand your target audience and their behaviors. Use these time-tested and innovative tips to supercharge you next advertising campaign.

This information was compiled by a group of advertisers with Walt Denny Inc.