Wallisch, Sean

GoFor, an Ottawa-based startup, is attempting to capitalize on delivery inefficiency that plagues much of LBM. CEO and co-founder Brad Rollo, who ran a construction company for 10 years, was all too familiar with the problems associated with getting small and medium-sized order to job sites. While dealers do big deliveries well, they still struggle with smaller scale items.

Once the Uber model came out, Rollo recognized the potential to solve the problem, and decided to do something about it--"I looked around and thought, 'nobody else is doing this,'" he says.

Here's how it works: GoFor hires drivers as independent contractors, much like Uber and Lyft, and has them go out and pick up materials for contractors. These drivers typically work within a 15-mile radius, and use anything from a regular car to a cube van. There is a flat delivery fee of $39, and GoFor promises the supplies will arrive within 60 to 90 minutes.

The company makes money via delivery fees. For select partners, it also has a mobile commerce service in which contractors can purchase products directly through an app. Customers have the option to build a materials list and GoFor will compile, pay for, and deliver the order, or they can simply order through their preferred supplier and GoFor will pick it up.

The firm, which opened in January, expanded its services to Nashville, Tenn., in March and in late August it partnered with the Sexton Group, a co-op of building material dealers with over 300 members and 400 locations across Canada.

"We’re changing the way mobile commerce is being done" says Rollo. GoFor expects to be in 10 to 12 markets in the U.S. and Canada in September alone.