Roofs at LBM operations from Michigan to New England buckled and collapsed under the weight of the massive snowstorm that marched across the country this week, press reports said today. No deaths or injuries involving the roof collapses were reported, but owners said they faced expensive repair work ahead.

In Grand Haven, Mich., D. Baker & Son lost part of its roof on Monday night. "We're going to keep the business going somehow," Nada Edson, who recently took over the yard from her father, told a local newspaper.

The next day, Wagner Hardware in Glenwood, Minn., suffered a roof collapse that occurred when five employees reportedly were inside the building. All escaped unharmed, authorities said. Story)

In New England, Kelly-Fradet Lumber in East Longmeadow, Mass., saw ithe roof to a storage building cave in on Monday. (Story). Two days later, Concord (Mass.) Lumber lost a roof, Boston.comreported. The store had been closed that day because of the blizzard.

South of Boston, Cape Cod Lumber in Abington and the BlueLinx distribution center in Abington both saw their roofs collapse. The roof at Cape Cod Lumber covered an addition, according to a news report. "It was disheartening, but it happened," owner Harvey Hurvitz said. "You just have to deal with it."

The BlueLinx roof collapse damaged several vehicles. (Story)