Courtesy Adobe Stock Maya Kruchenkova

The syndicated 'Ask the Builder' column in The Colombus Disptach tackled a reader question about prefab walls over the weekend. He likes them.

Q: A new house is being built near me using wood walls made in a factory. I was astonished that the house was under roof in just two days. What’s better, walls built on the job site by carpenters or those built in a factory? Can you get walls like this for a room addition or a separate outbuilding such as a garage? Where do you find the places to order these things?

A: It’s not unusual to pass a huge tractor-trailer on the highway that’s loaded with prefabricated walls. These walls make it possible to build houses in hours instead of days. And, yes, prefabricated walls, both interior and exterior, can be used on your next project.

Back when I was building, I didn’t have the opportunity to use these building components, but they’re being used to construct my daughter’s new home. I witnessed the exterior walls of her home be set and secured in just a few hours. A standard carpentry crew could never achieve this task in the same time cutting studs and headers and pounding nails at the job site.

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