According to Gallup’s monthly poll, Americans have become more pessimistic about the economy in the past two months, with 48% saying that economic conditions are worsening – up from 36% in November.

Respondents remain split on whether the economy is currently in good shape, with 49% saying it is “excellent or good” and 50% saying it is “fair or poor.” 66% say now is a good time to find a quality job. Out of those who say the economy is getting worse, almost half – 48% - are among those who believe now is a good time to find a job.

Prior to December, Americans had grown more optimistic during 2018 that the economy was getting better. The percentage believing the economy was improving, which stood at 46% in December 2017, rose to 57% by November 2018. However, a 10 percentage-point tumble to 47% in December was followed by a three-point drop this month to 44%. The corresponding level of pessimism over the past year saw the percentage thinking the economy is getting worse fall as low as 34% in October before rising to the current level of 48%.

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