January-February 2012 Table of Contents

Leading Ladies Leading Ladies

Four top female executives tell how they're creating a leadership style that's different from what their fathers did. Read more

Kuiken Brothers: 2012 ProSales Dealer of the Year 2012 Dealer of the Year Kuiken Brothers: 2012 ProSales Dealer of the Year

Kuiken Brothers is ProSales' 2012 Dealer of the Year. How? It's a team effort. Read more

Accepting Applications Accepting Applications

Sometimes it seems smart phones and tablet computers can do just about anything, but how can you get them to do exactly what you need? We asked dealers and scoured the Web to find the applications most likely to boost your productivity. Here are the 10 that you--and we--liked most. Read more

Green Acres Green Acres

Turn your parking lot into a profit center. Read more

Still Pining Away Still Pining Away

Reduced design values for Southern pine 2x4s dismay many users. They take solace in now knowing when the changes start. Read more

Yard Notables
Builders, Banks Still Differ on Whether There's More Credit Builders, Banks Still Differ on Whether There's More Credit

Talk to a bank lending officer, as the Federal Reserve does, and you might conclude from its quarterly surveys that the tightening of loan terms has ebbed to the point where there's a balance between banks that have tightened and those that are easing. Read more

Downgraded Forecast Downgraded Forecast

As the housing market continues to struggle, Hanley Wood Market Intelligence (HWMI), a sister company to ProSales, has kept lowering its 2011-2015 housing starts forecasts from what it predicted last March and then revised in September. Read more

Decking: Color Them Hopeful

As deckmakers increase the number of colors, options, and products they sell, dealers keep a wary eye on performance. Read more

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