September 2011 Table of Contents

Uncommon Carriers Uncommon Carriers

Spend time on the road with drivers, as ProSales did recently, and you'll get a new perspective on what's happening with dealers today. Read more

Clouds on the Horizon Clouds on the Horizon

Moving IT services to "The Cloud" is gaining traction at computer companies and fans among LBM dealers. Read more

Dealer Politics Dealer Politics

Practical considerations have always affected how dealers lobby. Now tea party sympathies could, too. Read more

Disaster Preparation and Response Disaster Preparation and Response

Responding to Mother Nature's worst takes planning, preparedness, patience Read more

Yard Notables
Thinking Twice About a Makeover Thinking Twice About a Makeover

With a plethora of home renovation and makeover shows on television, dealers nationwide have had to contend with show producers contacting them with requests for free supplies. Read more

Building for Generation Y? Then Don't Bother With a Dining Room

Members of Generation Y, those born between 1981 and 1999, are coming to your housing market, and what they want in a home is redefining the way architects, designers, and builders go about with planning residential spaces. Read more

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