October 2011 Table of Contents

Thinking Outside of the Box Thinking Outside of the Box

Dealer Ken Kuester aims to generate double benefits from his latest venture. Read more

Property Insurance Property Insurance

Property insurance rates for dealers are rising again as LBM insurers' continue paying out more than they're taking in. Read more

Yard Notables
Look Sharp

L&W Supply, USG's distribution arm, wants to be more than just a drywall company, president and CEO Brendan Deely says. In an interview with ProSales, Deely says the Chicago-based company is doing a number of things to help customers as well as boost its own position within the LBM industry. Read more

Independent Dealers in Florida Decry Price-Slashing Rivals

Ask two of Florida's most experienced lumberyard executives to name one of their biggest challenges in the coming year and both will give you the same answer: lowballing competitors. Read more

My Yardsticks
Ron Mason Ron Mason

What better place to conclude an issue about money than in Las Vegas, a city where the term "busted flush" applies as much to its housing market as to its poker tables? Few companies felt Las Vegas' housing collapse more acutely than A.C. Houston Lumber Co. and president Ron Mason. Today, more than ever, he stresses the importance of knowing your limits. His game plan: Focus on the here and now. Read more

Product Monitor
Patio Doors Patio Doors

The doors on display in Scott Thurber's California showroom are huge: 25-by-9-foot slabs of glass, low-silled and minimally detailed. "People walk in and they're just blown away," reports Thurber, general manager of Associated Building Supply in Oxnard, Calif. "They say: 'That's what I've been looking for."' Read more

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