May 2011 Table of Contents

ProSales 100
2011 ProSales 100: The Hole Truth 2011 ProSales 100 2011 ProSales 100: The Hole Truth

ProSales' annual survey of America's leading construction supply operations finds slow recovery underway. Read more

What's So Special About Specialty Dealers?

The differences between one-steppers and lumberyards aren't always big, but they may be worth copying. Read more

See Jane Run See Jane Run

Lampert Yards may be among America's biggest and oldest independent dealers, but by August 2009 its facilities serving Minnesota's Twin Cities had gotten so badly out of whack they threatened the entire company. Then Jane Fesler--a newcomer to LBM--came in and turned things around. Here's how she did it. Read more

Yard Notables
Service Charge Service Charge

Round up a group of LBM executives and, sooner or later, one of them will complain his customers don't appreciate the value of the services that the dealer may offer for free. But a new survey of contractors indicates that, in a sense, they do appreciate what you do. Read more

Rea's Reorganization, Executive Cuts Seek To Rebuild Ailing Stock

It took three months for Jeffrey Rea to imprint his stamp on Stock Building Supply, and when he did, he didn't shy from making big moves. Read more

My Yardsticks
David Huntington David Huntington

Hazlehurst native Robert Johnson is hailed as one of rhythm and blues' most influential early artists because he was a great guitarist, songwriter, and singer. David Huntington of Huntington Lumber & Supply in Hazlehurst also is a triple-threat--in LBM operations. Read more

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