March 2011 Table of Contents

What LBM Dealers Want What LBM Dealers Want

Consider the bar code: It may look simple, but behind it lies a required precision that, when improperly executed, makes the whole buying process go awry. Just think of the times you've seen a checkout clerk play with the scanner gun, trying to read the bar code on that jar of pickles. Read more

Deal Breakers Deal Breakers

New survey results and ProSales interviews reveal what dealers want from suppliers: Quality, reliability, and honesty. Read more

Remodelers Speak Out

Our latest Remodeler Survey finds these customers again favor their local independent supplier over big-box stores. But that doesn't mean they don't see room to improve. Read more

Yard Notables
84's Loan, BFS' Earnings Show How Government Can Help a Dealer

The folks who run independent lumberyards typically like to describe themselves as self-sufficient, self-made men and women who succeed based on hard work and a firm handshake. But two recent events suggest that having Uncle Sam on your side can also be a big help. Read more

Expect Rebound in Decking Demand Through 2014, Freedonia Predicts

America's demand for decking will revive from the 0.6% annual drop between 2004 and 2009 to increase 2.7% per year and reach 3.5 billion lineal feet--worth $6.2 billion--in 2014, the Freedonia Group forecasts. Read more

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