October 2010 Table of Contents

7 Trends Shaping America's Homes

October traditionally is the time when, now that the summer business frenzy has ebbed, you can spare a few minutes from daily concerns, look to the future, and ask "What's Next?" We've been asking that question, too. This month, we report on seven trends that we believe will influence what and how you'll sell. Some trends will take years before they become big deals. Others will have an impact as early as January. All deserve to be tracked on your personal radar. Read more

Big Builders' Second Story Big Builders' Second Story

Here's a scary Halloween story for you: In some markets, a few tract home builders say they have cut their construction costs to $35 per square foot. Read more

Bank Shot

It's the LBM equivalent of the "Sandwich Generation," the pressure Baby Boomers feel from having to deal simultaneously with their parents and their children. ProSales surveys have found dealers fret about getting paid by their customers and, at the same time, about the flow of money from their bank. In recent years, builders' slow payments have worried dealers more than their bank relations. But this year, the reverse is true. Read more

What's the Plan?

One of ProSales' corporate cousins sells more than 27,000 house plans to builders and consumers through a number of websites and magazines. Read more

Yard Notables
Got Builders Going Green?  Here's Where They Should Focus Got Builders Going Green? Here's Where They Should Focus

The message is as clear as glass: Consumers searching for homes say high-performance windows are the most essential energy-saving item they're looking for in a house, even more than efficient HVAC systems and thick piles of insulation. Read more

Health Insurance Costs Rising for Workers, Providers Health Insurance Costs Rising for Workers, Providers

Health insurance premiums rose 3% for American businesses last year, as employers kept their contribution flat while increasing by 14% the amount of money workers were expected to pay, according to the annual survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Education Trust, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association. Read more

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