November 2010 Table of Contents

Excellence Awards
2010 ProSales Excellence Awards 2010 ProSales Excellence Awards 2010 ProSales Excellence Awards

The Vision Thing, as the first President Bush put it, isn't just a challenge for politicians. Lots of dealers are struggling today, not just because of the economy, but because they're looking at their businesses from old or partially obscured perspectives. On the other hand, the companies honored in this year's ProSales Excellence Awards competition succeeded because they found new ways to look at, showcase, and run their businesses. Read more

2010 ProSales Excellence Awards: Showroom Millard Lumber

Marilyn Monroe knew a thing or two about the ability of curves to attract attention. Millard Lumber harnessed that same attractive form to entice and direct customers through its showroom, and packed those curves with an alluring array of products for the home. There are more than 150 different product lines represented over nine categories. Read more

Yard Notables
What's a Remodeler's Favorite Lead Paint Protection? You What's a Remodeler's Favorite Lead Paint Protection? You

A survey of remodelers regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recently launched rule regarding renovations in homes with lead paint indicates remodelers are counting on their local building supply dealer to help them deal with the rule. Read more

Timber Companies May Launch Softwood Promo Campaign

The softwood lumber industry has asked the federal government for permission to create the kind of buzz for their product that milk producers created with the "Got Milk?" ad campaign. Read more

My Yardsticks
Curt Koth Curt Koth

Curt Koth has worked in LBM for 40 years and with Michigan Lumber for 32. Here's how he manages this roughly $5 million single-store yard in a Rust Belt capital where the unemployment rate is half again the national average and city officials are promoting programs to demolish existing homes. Read more

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