January 2010 Table of Contents

New Digs New Digs

You bought the house, you moved in, but now you wonder what to do next. Read more

Builders: 2010 Dealer of the Year 2010 Dealer of the Year Builders: 2010 Dealer of the Year

In many ways, Nebraska-based Builders. is as simple as its name: One word, period. But it's also five very different operations, spread across more than 450 miles. How Builders. manages that complexity makes it our Dealer of the Year. Read more

Standards Setters Standards Setters

We've all heard the depressing drumbeat of stories about climbing unemployment, increasing foreclosures, severely depressed national housing starts, and failed dealers and builders. Read more

Ante Up Ante Up

Most dealers participating in a recent ProSales survey said their sales shrank in 2009 from 2008. Read more

Decked Out Decked Out

Few LBM products are changing faster than decking. Here's a roundup of key trends. Read more

Yard Notables
How Low Is Low? How Low Is Low?

Are lumber prices really at their lowest level ever? Read more

Dealers Could Reap Big Tax Refunds

If what's going on at Building Materials Holding Corp. (BMHC) is any indication, LBM dealers stand to collect hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tax refunds this year thanks to a recent act of Congress. Read more

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