February 2010 Table of Contents

Meet Your New Customers

You might not recognize the builder and remodeler customers most likely to help keep your business afloat this year. Read more

Building Momentum Building Momentum

The housing crash and home loan foreclosures savaged the housing market in towns like Orange, N.J. But not every builder in Orange is out of work. Read more

Islands of Innovation Islands of Innovation

Tim Seims has a decidedly unenviable job: Selling technology to building material dealers. Read more

Who's All Wet?

A respected building scientist is raising concerns within the wood community by arguing that, in today's tightly sealed houses, engineered wood can make a home more prone to mold and moisture problems than does solid-sawn wood. Read more

Yard Notables
Texas Crime Wave Tops 100 Thefts Texas Crime Wave Tops 100 Thefts

More bad news for LBM dealers in Texas: Since October, there have been roughly 40 more robberies at facilities across the state. Read more

Bradco Names New CEO Bradco Names New CEO

Bradco Supply has appointed Larry Stoddard as its new CEO. Read more

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