August 2009 Table of Contents

Oasis or Mirage?

We're Not Dead. Here's a reality check. According to World Bank data, the United States still accounts for 25% of world gross domestic product and 25% of global manufacturing output; China isn't even close. The Chicago Federal Reserve says the primary reason we're losing manufacturing jobs isn't offshoring, it's because productivity has been rising at an incredible average of 3% per year since 1949. That's no consolation if you lost your job, but it's hardly a competitive disadvantage. Read more

We've Got You Covered

20 years of LBM people and issues as captured on ProSales covers. Read more

The PS20 The PS20

The LBM landscape is an ever-changing mosaic that ProSales has tracked constantly since 1989. Now, to commemorate our 20th anniversary, we present our list of the 20 people, trends, concepts, tools, and initiatives that we believe have had the greatest impact on the construction supply industry during ProSales' history. Read more

I'd Love to, But I Can't Right Now'

When we put the call out for nominations several months ago for the ProSales' annual Public Service Leader award, our hotline to take in responses was chilly and silent. It became apparent that with tough times come tough choices. Proud dealers with mission statements that always included giving back were no longer able to do so with the same resolve. Dealers we contacted as possible Public Service Leaders turned down the offer to be recognized, citing the downturn in their staff levels. Read more

Brave New World Brave New World

The homes that sold like gangbusters during the good times are not what tomorrow's buyers want. That is the unsettling conclusion from the recent "Builder/American Lives New-Home Shopper Survey" as well as interviews with buyers in the three groups Read more

Yard Notables: August 2009

ABC Supply Rolls Out New "Solution Center"/ Courtroom Dramas / ProBuild Grows, and Shrinks / More Read more

August/September 2009 Returns August/September 2009 Returns

ProSales Wins Honors, Newsletter Signup, Industry Trends Database....more Read more

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