June 2008 Table of Contents

Hard Rain

The housing slump has put extra strain on the always-tough relationship between builders looking to trim construction costs and suppliers grappling with smaller orders and shrinking margins. But the downturn is also forcing these trade partners to call a truce--however temporary and sometimes one-sided--in order to form a common front in their fight to survive this frail economy. Read more

ProSales Installed Sales Guide: New Dimensions

In the first issue of this installed sales special, I laid out a method by which you could quantify the value of your services to your builder customer by tracking callbacks and the cost associated with correcting them. While this is still valid and many of my clients use it, I may have jumped the gun a bit. Read more

ProSales Installed Sales Guide: Good/Better/Best

Quality control consistently ranks in the top three factors that determine the success--and profitability--of a dealer's installed sales program. Achieving top-notch quality takes investment, time, and skilled installers working according to disciplined processes. Beyond that, there are various ways to maximize quality, and the path you choose depends on the size and maturity of your installed sales operation. Read more

ProSales Installed Sales Guide: Installed Sales Briefs ProSales Installed Sales Guide: Installed Sales Briefs

Big C Lumber goes beyond the usual checklist when the Granger, Ind.-based company reviews candidates for installed sales jobs. It also tests prospects' basic math skills. Here (right) are four of the questions it asks. Read more

Takeoff Tactics

Just as no two builders construct a home the same way, no two pro dealers' takeoff systems are completely alike. But regardless of the different software, personnel, or customers that might be involved, the common goal dealers share is creating a takeoff that is accurate and efficient in its use of materials. Over the past 30 years, the art of the takeoff has evolved. It began with a salesperson sitting down with a blueprint and a ruler for several hours, manually figuring out the needed materials and supplies to build a building, plus a few more hours to fi gure out the prices behind each piece of material. Read more

A Guiding Light Dims

Juggernaut. Powerhouse. The clear leader in construction services. ProSales and other industry observers used those phrases less than two years ago in praise of Building Materials Holding Corp. (BMHC) and its two-pronged strategy of selling materials through BMC West and providing turnkey construction services through SelectBuild. Now, the housing recession is sweeping away that dream. Read more

Yard Notables: June 2008

The Call Is Out: Enter the 2008 Excellence Awards / Door Hangers Group: Say No to Proposed Standard / The Home Depot Shuts the Door on 15 Stores Read more

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