February 2008 Table of Contents

Excellence Awards
ProSales Excellence Awards Presented During Builders' Show

Annual awards for excellence among dealers and distributors given out at breakfast attended by nearly 200 industry pros. Read more

Running Green: Byproducts

Long before the public service campaigns urging citizens to "think green," Anderson Lumber of Alcoa, Tenn., had its head in the game. Steve Coleman, owner of Anderson Lumber, and Joe Prospero, co-owner of the dealer's truss facility, ship their sawdust and wood byproducts two to three times a week to Maryville College in Maryville, Tenn. The college burns the chips and scraps to heat its buildings. Read more

Running Green: Generating Power Running Green: Generating Power

Ask a third- or fourth-generation LBM executive about his company's sawmill roots, and you'll hear tales about how an ancestor created the millrace or fed the steam engine that powered the saws. Making your own power was part of the job. It's heading that way again, but with a 21st-century twist. Read more

Running Green: Commentary Running Green: Commentary

Recently, I toured a 125-year-old home on the South Side of Chicago that will cost its owners about one-tenth as much to heat and cool as a typical Chicago home of its size. The difference is in the building envelope. An inexpensive, double-radiant barrier cuts heating and cooling loads by 40%. Low-E windows keep heat out in summer but let it in during winter. Soy spray-foam insulation achieves R-28 in the walls, and wet-spray and dense-pack cellulose are used for plumbing walls. The home exceeds Energy Star requirements by 80%. Read more

Running Green: Water

Flow Control: New toilets help you avoid flushing money down the drain. Read more

Running Green: Lighting

Tripping the Light Fantastic: New bulb technology and more interest in letting the sunshine in are keeping staff illuminated at lower cost. Read more

Returns: Online and Real Time

Get even more ProSales by visiting our Web site, www.prosalesonline.com. Time for a House Call ProSales latest National Market Housing Update finds that traditional economic drivers suggest that the market should climb out of its rut. But the reality is no one can't tell for sure when it'll do that. Plus, the Market Spotlight feature puts the focus on the San Francisco area. Find Survey Data Go to www.prosalesonline.com/surveys to download summaries of our recent online surveys on non-compete agreements, fuel surcharges, accounts receivable, and credit cards. Read more

My Yardsticks
Yard Notables: February 2008

ProSales Survey Sheds New Light on Non-Competes Read more

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