November 2007 Table of Contents

Excellence Awards
Truitt & White Lumber 2007 Excellence Awards Honorable Mention: Web Site Truitt & White Lumber

Truitt & White Lumber's Web site gives builders a lot of information without trying too hard to seem impressive. And that makes it impressive. Packed with housing products, industry information, event dates, and more, the site's layout keeps things easily accessible. Read more

Better by Design 2007 ProSales Excellence Awards: Facility Design Better by Design

Robert Bowden Inc. used to be great. Now it's even better. The Marietta, Ga., company was ProSales Dealer of the Year for 1992, so it has a long history of excellence. And given how hot the Atlanta market was through last December, the 375 employees of Robert Bowden Inc. (RBI) certainly had enough business in 2005 and 2006 to keep them busy. Still, in the midst of the market's frenzy, RBI decided to expand and redesign its entire window, door, and millwork manufacturing operation. Read more

Access Round the Clock 2007 Excellence Awards Honorable Mention: Showroom Design Access Round the Clock

As any commuter in the metro New York area knows, the trek to Manhattan or Westchester can make for long, arduous days, not to mention the return commute, followed by the chores of daily life before it's time to call it a night and do it again the next day. Read more

Remodeler's Choice 2007 Excellence Awards: Marketing/Customer Service Remodeler's Choice

In launching a new business model based on the long-established pro-dealer formula, The Remodeler's Choice (TRC) wanted its customers to know the company was in no way taking on a one-size-fits-all approach. Read more

Lumber Yard 2007 Excellence Awards: Facility Design Lumber Yard

168,000 square feet has rarely looked so good or worked so well as it does at the Lumber Yard's York, Pa., facility. Regional vice president Mike O'Brien couldn't agree more. Read more

Keim Lumber 2007 Excellence Awards: Showroom Design Keim Lumber

You don't need to walk inside Keim Lumber Co.'s showroom to know it's a special place. You can tell as soon as you enter the parking lot. Read more

JAY-K Lumber 2007 Excellence Awards Honorable Mention: Advertising JAY-K Lumber

Jack O'Trade--christened by a JAY-K employee--was life size and dressed in contractor duds, leading some citizens to think he was a live human being perhaps stranded on the billboards. Jack first appeared in late December 2005, and soon after, Dean Kelly, owner and president of JAY-K, got a phone call "saying there is a guy still working on the billboard. Read more

Best Fit 2007 Excellence Awards: Web Site Best Fit

The owner himself will admit the high-end dealer Interstate + Lakeland Lumber was one of the last companies to start using computers. But when the business did take the plunge, it hit the Web full force and in its own way. Read more

Yard Notables: November 2007

Editor's Product Pick, People, Milestones and more... Read more

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