September 2006 Table of Contents

Law & Order Law & Order

Pro dealers around the country say they are being dragged into product liability lawsuits, along with manufacturers and installers, even though they didn't make or design the product. While some states have laws that limit a seller's liability, many dealers still feel vulnerable. Read more

Support Systems

It's a question that's as old as the art of sales itself: Is a good salesperson born or made? Read more

Group Effort Support Systems Group Effort

Home Lumber Co., credits its sales success to a dedication to hard work, diligence and the concentrated efforts of a team of experts. Read more

Armed and Ready Support Systems Armed and Ready

Dwight Shenk's can-do attitude, and double-fisted cell phones, are just a small example of how Roper Bros. arms itself with a savvy sales force and the technology to back it up. In doing so, Roper was the third fastest-growing dealer on the 2006 PROSALES 100. Read more

Award-Winning Advice Employee Retention Preparing for a Disaster Yard Notables Award-Winning Advice

NARI Contractors of the Year sound off on their supply partnerships and what it takes to get the business of best-in-class remodelers. Read more

Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps

Of the many challenges facing LBM supply owners today, few are more imperative than employee retention. To help decrease your turnover rate, here are five retention truths to share with your managers. Read more

It Could Happen to You It Could Happen to You

Many small businesses lack plans to weather and recover from a disaster, whether it's natural or man-made, unique to their business or affecting an entire region. Putting a plan in place doesn't have to be difficult, however, and strong disaster preparedness can even improve day-to-day operations. Read more

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