October 2006 Table of Contents

Best Sellers Fully Empowered Best Sellers

For Niehaus chairman of the board Bernie Niehaus, the company newsletter is the nexus around which all human resources issues emanate, revolve, and return to, so much so that he has compiled more than 40 of his own monthly newsletter columns into a hardcover book. Read more

Stand-Up Shop Fully Empowered Stand-Up Shop

A commitment to enjoying the work and each other has created the perfect corporate culture at Beyers Lumber and Hardware, where a family-like atmosphere reigns. Read more

Fully Empowered

Through open-door business cultures that seek to encourage the creation and support of employee efforts and ideas, these human resources benchmarkers have truly fostered a one-for-all and all-for-one corporate ethos that keeps their employees coming back to work and their customers coming back for more. Read more

Team Players Team Players

The results of the Sales Management and Compensation Study, which PROSALES conducted this summer, are in, and they reveal that supporting outside salespeople is more critical than ever for pro dealers. Read more

Top Choice: 2006 PROSALES Brand Study Results Top Choice: 2006 PROSALES Brand Study Results

Sponsored by our publisher, Hanley Wood, LLC, and conducted by Readex Research, an independent research company in Stillwater, Minn., the PROSALES Brand Study provides a snapshot of the market's brand selection decisions in 38 categories. Read more

Desktop Deals Virtual Trade Shows Prosales Brand Study Yard Notables Desktop Deals

With industry commitments from trade shows to conferences continuing to take up precious executive calendar space, interest in online trade shows for pro dealers is definitely beginning to build. Read more

Product Monitor
Making the Cut Making the Cut

The latest component manufacturing machines boast a range of innovative features that promise to minimize lumber waste, increase speed and accuracy, give workers more flexibility, and accommodate larger or more diverse component designs Read more

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