July 2006 Table of Contents

Out of the Shadows Out of the Shadows

Although a significant number of immigrant workers legally hold jobs in construction, a sizable number of illegal arrivals also are ending up in the industry, a fact that is shining a harsh light on home builders and contractors at a time when the public is demanding that employers be held more accountable for their hiring practices. Read more

A Knack for All Trades A Knack for All Trades

BMHC's huge revenue shift to construction services--coupled with a desire for greater brand awareness--has driven the company to formally re-brand its construction services division to "SelectBuild Construction." Read more

Making the Grade Making the Grade

The benefits of opening up the lines of communication throughout your supply chain, from manufacturers down through dealers and distributors. Read more

Heart of Change Heart of Change

"Change" is a dirty word for some people. But love it or hate it, change is here to stay, and every LBM owner and manager must be effective at leading their teams through both small and large changes. Read more

Roll of the Dice Roll of the Dice

Vegas industry veterans say that the local market is driven and dictated by business relationships hammered out over the years between construction subcontractors and local independents. Now, Houston-based Bison Building Materials' tries to set up shop. Read more

Custom Capabilities Bison Bets on Las Vegas HR Strategies Yard Notables Custom Capabilities

Since Edward Hines Lumber Co. acquired Muench Woodworking in May 2003, it has not only helped grow the firm's overall sales, but also has unlocked new markets for the company. Read more

Product Monitor
The Great Wide Open Multi-Panel Doors Insulation Update Hot Finds/IT Solutions The Great Wide Open

Homeowners' desire for greater flexibility between indoor and outdoor spaces is driving demand for larger window and door openings that allow for unobstructed views and access to the outdoors, a trend that is spurring the expansion of the multi-panel sliding and folding door category. Read more

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