January 2006 Table of Contents

Sparking a Change Sparking a Change

When Ray Heatherton has a safety issue at one of Gregory Supply's four locations in New York and Vermont, he doesn't think twice about picking up the phone and calling the state OSHA office for advice. Read more

Walking the Talk Walking the Talk

Every morning, Kriss Larsen walks the aisles of Spenard Builders Supply in Kodiak, Alaska. As the branch manager, she's on the lookout for employees she can reward for doing things safely. Read more

Trouble Spots Trouble Spots

Working in a lumberyard can be dangerous. Consider that employees might drive forklifts, operate saws or pneumatic nail guns, carry heavy loads of materials, and use flammable liquids Read more

Golden State Lumber: 2005 ProSales Dealer of the Year 2005 Dealer of the Year Golden State Lumber: 2005 ProSales Dealer of the Year

Arguably one of the most efficient and productive pro dealer operations in the country, Golden State Lumber aims to leap even further beyond its industry-leading sales growth and sales-per-employee marks by focusing on integrating sales, adding and improving services, and providing growth opportunities for the company's contractors and supply partners alike. Read more

HR by Numbers Six Pillars of Leadership Excellence

How to hire the right people and then lead them to success. Read more

Five Common Hiring Mistakes HR by Numbers Five Common Hiring Mistakes

Do you know the cost of a bad hiring decision? The Department of Labor estimates it can be as much as 25 percent of a new employee's salary. Read more

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