August 2006 Table of Contents

Cut Your Losses Cut Your Losses

Lumber and building materials dealers don't have to settle for losses. Combining a number of high- and low-tech tools and strategies can help deter criminals both inside and outside your company, and increase the odds of catching thieves and recovering inventory. Read more

The Politics of Service Goodwill Ambassadors The Politics of Service

Steve Kelly has done just about everything that a member can do for the Kentucky Building Materials Association, and he's about to step into the chairman's position for the National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association. Read more

Project Architect Goodwill Ambassadors Project Architect

Rand Thomas' successful public service strategies enable Thomas Building Center to continue to succeed on its stated mission of contributing more to the community year over year. Read more

Goodwill Ambassadors Goodwill Ambassadors

Rand Thomas and Steve Kelly, the 2006 PROSALES Public Service Leaders, are introduced. Read more

Commercial Developments Selling to Commercial Builders Tech Trends Yard Notables Commercial Developments

Many pro dealers that generate a decent amount of commercial business do so without making changes in their inventories or sales forces. And while most see commercial as a growth sector, they aren't quite certain what manpower and product commitments their companies need to make to capture a bigger share. Read more

Tech Trends
Eye in the Sky Tech Trends Eye in the Sky

From analyzing work patterns and material movement for greater efficiency and productivity to tracking inventory, Reliable's camera-based observation system continues to offer bottom-line impact as the company seeks to contain operational costs associated with running the truss and wall panel manufacturing plant and adjoining lumberyard. Read more

Yard Notables
Wolseley Rings Closing Bell at NYSE Yard Notables Wolseley Rings Closing Bell at NYSE

On July 5, Charlie Banks, group CEO of the Wolseley Group, parent company of Stock Building Supply and Ferguson, rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange, commemorating his retirement. Read more

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