July 2005 Table of Contents

E-Commerce Evolution

The Internet and electronic data exchanges are steadily becoming valuable tools in the supply chain, but in a way that involves instead of eliminates dealers. Read more

Safe Keeping

To reduce injuries and ensure a hazard-free workplace, dealers need to focus on creating and maintaining a safety program that becomes a part of their corporate cultures, focuses on training, and motivates employees to participate. Read more

Self Starters Self Starters

Buck Byers and John Shirley claim they barely knew the first thing about component manufacturing when they started out. The co-owners of San Bernardino, Calif. Read more

Super Marketing

An automated recording on Hayward Lumber's voicemail system informs waiting callers that this Monterey, Calif.-based dealer has one of the largest fleets of delivery vehicles in the state. Those 119 trucks and vans aren't just the most visible evidence of Hayward's presence in the regions its eight yards serve, however. They are also potent mobile marketing tools. Read more

Editor's Product Pick Spruce Computer Systems

SpruceWare.NET, the next generation of the company's original SpruceWare product, is a connected business management solution for the LBM industry built on Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET and SQL Server database. Read more

Wire Cutters Wire Cutters

There's a 21st century way to find out if you've earned the business Read more

Heavy Meddle Heavy Meddle

In the mid-1980s, I was hired as the manager for a multi-million-dollar branch of a large truck leasing operation in Denver. We had 14 union mechanics, two salespeople, and two office staffers. My branch secretary was a peak performer at handling the massive volumes of company and governmental paperwork necessary to keep the branch running smoothly. That is, until I took over! Read more

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