April 2005 Table of Contents

Sub Culture Sub Culture

Subcontractors are increasingly winning bids based on their takeoff and estimating skills -- a proficiency that dealers can certainly help refine or consult, if not entirely assume, as part of supporting trade contractor customers. Read more

Home Decisions A La Carte / Standale Lumber Home Decisions A La Carte / Standale Lumber

Home Ensemble's HomeSpec material selection system allows consumers to make virtually all choices related to the home and materials in real time. Read more

Technology Growth Spurt / Williams Bros. Lumber Technology Growth Spurt / Williams Bros. Lumber

When the company couldn't find the right commercial document imaging and archiving system, Williams Bros. built its own. Read more

Blazing Technology Trails Blazing Technology Trails

In the LBM industry specifically, forward thinkers are shooting for new tech horizons by focusing on customer-centric information technology strategies that expand their value-added services and improve their profitability. Read more

Supporting Roles Supporting Roles

With strong construction activity across many sectors, including national production building, custom homes, and remodeling, dealers and distributors that are focused on customer service, precision, and fulfillment are looking upstream to their building product manufacturers and vendors for assistance and partnership strategies to set them apart. Read more

Walk on the Wild Side

Dealers who walk on the wild side of special ordering say they are always weighing the risks against the rewards. Read more

Exceptions to the Rules

Supply chain management for special orders, dealers say, must include better training of their personnel and closer communications with contractors to reduce errors in ordering or measurement that cost dealers and customers time and money. Read more

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