September 2004 Table of Contents

Reaching Out Reaching Out

Often buried among customer lists of high-profile builders and big-volume accounts, remodelers like Harth Builders and Mark IV Builders have the potential to grow a healthy niche business for dealers that offer face-to-face dependability and timely delivery, and are willing to lend a helping hand to smaller businesses. Read more

Lines of Supply Lines of Supply

Traditionally characterized by small companies making low-volume purchases, the remodeling market definitely can be a challenge to supply -- but it also can be a lucrative revenue stream for pro dealers that treat remodelers like VIPs rather than fill-in business. Read more

Changing Times Changing Times

Demographics, nostalgia, and shrinking lot sizes are creating more opportunities for dealers to serve remodeling contractors and their customers. Read more

Editor's Product Pick
Editor's Product Pick - Sept. 2004

Georgia-Pacific's StyleLine decorative wall panels offer a way to achieve several popular faux finishes without the time and effort required to produce the finishes with paint. Read more

Materials Handling Materials Handling

The components industry is on the move with the formation of The Structural Component Distributors Association and a new partnership between The Wood Truss Council of America and The Truss Plate Institute. Read more

Come Together Group Structure

The Structural Component Distributors Association (SCDA) currently is in its charter year of membership and is seeking distributors and wood products vendors that are interested in contributing to the organization. Read more

Expert Advice

Looking for ideas to bolster employee retention and HR programs? Here are some tips from HR experts that can help give you a jump start to improving employee relations. Read more

End of the Line

Wickes Lumber -- once one of the largest pro dealers in the country -- departs from the industry with an agreement to sell off all of its remaining yards. Read more

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