Tucson, AZ

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Single-Family Built-To-Rent Communities Meet a New Range of Renter Needs

How detached units in multifamily-style managed communities—including NexMetro’s... More

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Kodiak Buys AZ-Based Appliances and Flooring Distributor

Arizona Wholesale Supply's business aligns with Kodiak's Factory Builder Stores... More

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SRS Expands in AZ, Shuts 2 Branches in FL

SRS Acquisition Corp., gunning to be known as the nation's fastest-growing group of independent construction supply companies, showed how serious that intent is when it announced it would open a new Stewart Roofing Supply location in Phoenix on Nov. 1 and close slow-moving Suncoast Roofers Supply units in Deerfield Beach and Fort Myers, Fla., by Nov. 30. More

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SRS Buys AZ-Based Hardwood, Roofing Dealer

SRS Acqusition Corp. announced its second acquisition in five days and fifth deal this year: Stewart Building & Roofing Supply, a one-store operation based in Tucson, Ariz. More

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FoxGal Closes Facilities in Three States

Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co. will close facilities in San Antonio and Sulphur Springs, Texas; Tucson, Payson and Lakeside, Ariz.; and Pueblo, Colo. "While these changes are painful, they are necessary to align our cost structure with our revenue and demand from our local markets," the company said in a memo to employees. More

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BMHC Will Cease Framing, Concrete Operations in Tucson

Just two days before revealing it would begin to consolidate operations, Building Material Holding Corp. said its SelectBuild subsidiary will cease residential framing and concrete operations in Tucson, Ariz., effective July 18. More

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