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Why Now Is the Best Time in Years To Invest in LBM

Matt Ogden explains why, from an investor's point of view, he's so excited about the present. More

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Money Talks: Nine Ways To Finance Your Growth

With forecasts for an increase in building-product demand on the horizon, dealers spent the year assessing ways to fund growth in spite of limited assets and existing debt. Columnist Matt Ogden shares eight ways to get funding. More

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Can Your Business Make Too Much Money?

Is maximizing profits in good financial times worth all the praise ProSales columnist Matt Ogden gave them in the Big Deals section of our August issue? More

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What Is Private Equity? Will It Work for You?

Matt Ogden explains what private equity funds do and whether they're a good fit for your company. More

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Where Dealers Should Look for Capital

Before you go out seeking cash, survey the capital landscape, Matt Ogden says. More

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Squeeze Play

There's no love more bittersweet than the kind where you discover you've stopped measuring up to your partner's expectations. Tim Rollins knows the feeling. More

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Mike Kurtz

After working at a lumberyard in Manhattan for more than 25 years, what does Mike... More

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Ridgefield Supply

With the rise of web browsers on mobile devices and social media like Twitter and... More

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