Greenville-Mauldin-Easley, SC

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How the Best Dealers Recruit and Develop Talent

Can't find good workers? Did you let your best people slip away during the housing... More

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Leaky Ducts

Air escaping from a home's HVAC system can lead to increased energy costs. Here's the fix. More

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Build It Right: Practical Green

Building a durable, efficient home isn't brain surgery. It's just a lot of good,... More

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GNH Lumber Expands in the Catskills

With its recent acquisition of Pioneer Lumber in Coxsackie, N.Y., GNH Lumber has expanded to a three-yard dealer in the Empire State's Greene County. The deal, finalized last month, gives GNH a combined sales volume of more than $20 million, including its locations in Greenville and Windham, N.Y. More

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