Eugene-Springfield, OR

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SRS Buying Four Locations in Oregon

In its second acquisition announcement this week and fourth this month, SRS Acquisition Corp. said it has signed a letter of intent and is in the final stages of due diligence to buy Roofline Supply & Delivery. More

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Heir Supply

Sam Dunn and his cousin, Barry, had transformed Dunn Lumber from a hardware and... More

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Marching On

As Eugene C. Barton, a second-generation lumberman in Jonesboro, Ark., entered his golden years in the 1960s, he wanted to make sure his firm, E.C. Barton & Co., carried on after he was gone. With little interest from his own family to stay in the business, he transferred ownership to an employee-run board of directors, and gave it the mission of maintaining the company as an ongoing concern. By 1975, that board chose a new ownership structure for the operation, one that Congress had recently introduced: an employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP. More

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Filling a Void

An increase in infill housing projects provides new service and revenue... More

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