Colorado Springs, CO

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For Builders in Military Towns, Customer Service Has a Distinct Style

Monetary incentives seek to entice service members out of base housing, into... More

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Kodiak Buys Jones-Heartz Drywall Supply

Investment company Kodiak Building Partners added a second drywall dealer to its portfolio of building-supply related companies. More

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PSBU: Openings, Closures, and Acquisitions

Stikine River Forest Products will build a new timber mill near Petersburg, Alaska. News from Richards Building Supply, Britton Lumber, Canfor Southern Pine, and more. More

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Why Dealers Should Consider Subcontracting Rather than Hiring New Workers

Veteran LBMer Dena Cordova makes the case for rebuilding your staff in part by... More

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SRS Opens Second Colorado Outlet

SRS Acquisition Corp., the fast-growing Texas-based operation that has been acquiring roofing companies around the country, announced its Shake & Shingle Supply brand has expanded from its Denver location to a new location in Colorado Springs, Colo. More

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Wichita's Star Philanthropist

Chris Goebel, owner and president of Star Lumber, has a vacation home in Colorado... More

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