The Lester Group

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  • P.O. Drawer 4991
    Martinsville, VA 24115


George W. Lester II



2017 Gross Sales: $69.3 million
2017 Professional Sales: $67.9million
Percentage of 2017 Sales Made to Professional Customers:  98% 
Total Number of Locations as of 2017: 5
Total Number of Employees: 134
Primary Business Function: Specialty Distributor 
Avg. Sales Per Location: $13.9 million

Year  Professional Sales ($ millions) Percent of Total Total Sales ($ millions) Percent Change Total Number of Locations at Year-End Total Number of Employees at Year-End
2016 $61.998%$63.27.7%5139
2015 $57.598%$58.78.7%4122
2014 $51.896%$54.00.0%398
2013 $51.896%$54.042.0%3108
2012 $36.596%$38.028.0%389

Firm Description

The Lester Group is a diverse company offering contractor and retail based home centers, rental properties and real estate, and forest products in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.
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