Mill Creek Lumber & Supply

Locations & Contacts

  • 6774 E 38th St.
    Tulsa, OK 74145


Jeff Dunn



2017 Gross Sales: $180.3 million
2017 Professional Sales: $162.3 million
Percentage of 2017 Sales Made to Professional Customers:  90% 
Total Number of Locations as of 2017: 25
Total Number of Employees: 563
Primary Business Function: Specialty Distributor 
Avg. Sales Per Location: $7.2 million

Year  Professional Sales ($ millions) Percent of Total Total Sales ($ millions) Percent Change Total Number of Locations at Year-End Total Number of Employees at Year-End

Firm Description

Mill Creek offers much more than just lumber from its 21 locations. Oklahoma professionals in the building and construction business, as well as designers and homeowners, depend on Mill Creek for just about everything in building materials. In addition to our lumber company, Mill Creek has 11 carpet and tile stores, a new kitchen center, and a windows and doors division.
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