Gillman Home Centers

Locations & Contacts

  • 1162 Tekulve
    Batesville, IN 47006


Charles Gillman



2017 Gross Sales: $55.0 million
2017 Professional Sales: $41.3 million
Percentage of 2017 Sales Made to Professional Customers:  75% 
Total Number of Locations as of 2017$41.3: 10
Total Number of Employees: 250
Primary Business Function: Specialty Distributor 
Avg. Sales Per Location: $5.5 million

Year  Professional Sales ($ millions) Percent of Total Total Sales ($ millions) Percent Change Total Number of Locations at Year-End Total Number of Employees at Year-End
2015 $33.275%$44.315.7%8200

Firm Description

Gillman Home Centers is a full-service hardware and lumber dealer with eight locations. Gillman’s was founded in 1980 by Charlie Gillman, a second-generation homebuilder who still runs the company today with his sons and 180 other team members.

At Gillman’s, we not only stock the everyday lumber and building materials you would expect from a home center, we also like to think we have everything you need to build and maintain your home!
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