American Builders Supply

Locations & Contacts

  • 2801 W Airport Blvd
    Sanford, FL 32771



2016 Gross Sales: $131.5 million
2016 Professional Sales: $131.5 million
Percentage of 2016 Sales Made to Professional Customers:  100% 
Total Number of Locations as of 2016: 10
Total Number of Employees: 475
Primary Business Function: Specialty Distributor 
Avg. Sales Per Location: $13.2 million

Year  Professional Sales ($ millions) Percent of Total Total Sales ($ millions) Percent Change Total Number of Locations at Year-End Total Number of Employees a Year-End
 2016 $131.5 100% $131.5 36.3% 10 475
 2015 $97.0 100% $97.0 19.8% 10 396

Firm Description

American Builders Supply is a value-added building material supplier that manufactures, distributes and installs millwork, windows, components, and lumber to both single-family as well as multifamily home builders in the state of Florida. Outstanding customer service is our core principle. Our mission is to have a safe workplace where customer focused people want to work, customers who value service want to buy, and vendors who add value want to sell.
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