By Craig Webb and Andy Carlo

Digital Collage: Brian Walker The LBM landscape is an ever-changing mosaic that ProSales has tracked constantly since 1989. Now, to commemorate our 20th anniversary, we present our list of the 20 people, trends, concepts, tools, and initiatives that we believe have had the greatest impact on the construction supply industry during ProSales' history. The PS20 includes business leaders, pioneers, technological achievements, events and, in at least one case, enemies. What it omits is any attempt at ranking these 20; our staff found it challenging enough just deciding who should make the list. You might disagree with some of our choices (and we invite you to write us with your own candidates, or to protest the ones we picked) but we're prepared to argue that PS20 members definitely influenced the industry over the years and made dealers think long and hard about how they should run their business. So click your mouse, and let the discussions begin.

Here's the PS20: